Parallel Forums: WAFI Youth Forum (Jinhai Lake H Lifestyle Center)

Time:13:30-17:30, November 2, 2023

VENUE: Jinhai Lake H Lifestyle Center


Opening Ceremony

Amanda Cassano    Peking University


Welcome Speeches

Wang Yong    Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, China Agricultural University


Incl. questioning

& interaction

Economic Policy Keynote Speeches and Exchanges  

Host: Fan Shenggen Dean, Academy of Global Food Economics and

Policy, CAU Director, CGIAR

1. Harvesting Sustainability: Unveiling the Power of Community-

Africa Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Sub-Saharan

Speaker: Andam Andin Ndi Buma (Cameroon), China Agricultural University

2. Agri-Tech Applications in Rural E-commerce: Shared Practices from China

Speaker: Shubham Swaroop (India), Zhejiang University

3. Growing Smarter Together: Skilling the Next Generation of AgrInnovators

Speaker: Andey Ng (USA), Peking University

4. Innovations in the Circular Bioeconomy

Speaker: Callum Thomas (Australia), Peking University


Incl. questioning &


Natural Science Keynote Speeches and Exchanges

Host: Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted, 2021 World Food Prize Winner

1. Nigeria’s Agritech Evolution: Data-Driven Farming and Vertical Gardens

Speaker: Olatunde Oladele (Nigeria), China Agricultural University

2. The Latest Progress of AI Pig Farming in China

Speaker: Liu Zhengxu (China), Huazhong Agricultural University

3. Protecting Plants for a Better Future

Speaker: Wang Hao (China), China Agricultural University

4. Bridging the Innovation to Implementation Gap in Agriculture

Speaker: Pranav Addepalli (USA), Carnegie Mellon University


Tea Break (15 minutes)


Innovation & Entrepreneurship Keynote Speeches and Exchanges

Incl. questioning & interaction

Host: Magnus Nilsson   Director-General of the Food Planet Award

1. Elite Cattleman Program: Education Drives Dairy Industrial Development

Speaker: Ma Jiaying (China), China Agricultural University

2. Closing the Loop, Feeding the World

Speaker: Marisol Calderon (Italy), Wageningen University

3. Cooperation & Innovation to Accelerate the Application of Scientific Research Results: Doctor's Eggplant Farm

Speaker: Wang Yuge (China), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

4. Bridging the Gap between Agri-Food Innovation and Scale-Up through Venture Funding

Speaker: Stefano Castelli (Italy), Peking University

5. Promoting Agriculture to Young People Using New Digital Media Technologies

Speaker: Xiaotong Zhao (China), The Central Academy of Drama


Concluding Remarks

Lin Wanlong    Vice President, China Agricultural University

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